Kurt and Vicki Schlicker

Stanford University: BS Medical Microbiology
UW School of Medicine: MD

Kent State University: BSN

We love to fish, golf and cook.
We drink wines produced globally.
We love and miss our dear cat Niblick, 1996-2012.

Enough about us. We could certainly talk story about ourselves and embellish it with tremendous amounts of fluff but for those of you who know us and those who may in the future meet us, that is the antithesis of who and what we are. That which we feel to be most important 'about us' is reflected in that bottle of Rulo wine you have poured into your glass.

We are the sole owners and employees of Rulo Winery. Kurt is the solo winemaker; Vicki is the worker bee. We share all other winery tasks equally from vineyard checks to tank washing to tasting room responsibilities to distribution to paperwork to cleaning toilets. We are control freaks. The entire day in and day out operation of our winery is dependant on the two of us and we can guarantee you we are not a hobby winery. This is a labor of love and more than a full time gig. That being said, we are extremely fortunate and eternally grateful for our wonderful family and friends who continue to donate many hours to assist us during crush, bottling, and event weekends.

On the financial side, we have no investors or partners. We built our winery using our savings account and incurring a large mortgage. We sleep at night knowing that if we fail we take no one down that path with us. On the distribution front, we have elected for no third party distribution involvement. It is important to us that we know our retailers and that they know us. We load up our Chevy pick-up with cases of wine and deliver to restaurants and shops personally. We do utilize FedEx and UPS for direct to consumer shipments.

When you visit Rulo Winery, you will be greeted by either one or both of us and while pouring you our wines, we will chat about them and happily answer any questions you may have. We take turns being tour guide (don't blink or you will miss it!) and explain every aspect of what we do from jointly managing vineyards with our growers to making the wine and selling our finished product. Chances are good you will have to cut us short as we tend to ramble on about the winery and its industry. Again, we will fervently answer each and every question you may have - knowledge is a wonderful entity - wine should not be a mystery or secretive; you as a consumer should know all you want to know about the wine you are drinking. The passion Kurt has for winemaking is abundantly evident in his enthusiasm chatting about our winery. He has 'realized his dream' and Vicki considers herself extremely lucky to be a part of what makes him so very happy.

We would like to thank all of you who support our winery by visiting and/or purchasing Rulo Wines. Your continued interest brings us great joy and reaffirms that we are producing quality wines for your drinking pleasure.